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Tekashi 69’s Testimony Bring Forth The Revelations!! The Rapper Looked Nervous While Answering.


Famous Rapper Tekashi 69 has been in the news for quite some time, but now not for his music and more for his private life outside the industry. The rapper was affiliated to a street gang called Nine Trey Blood, and since his affiliation with the gang, he has been on the radar for the authorities.

The Rapper, whose birth name is Daniel Hernandez, is known to be cooperating with the authorities. Early this year, He pleaded guilty to nine federal charges, which included racketeering and illegal possession of weapons. He also admitted he became part of the gang in 2017 fall, when his former manager, who already was a member, Introduced him with the gang. Soon a deal was struck in which the singer was going to be protected by the gang, and in return, he was providing them financial support for their illegal activities. He wanted the gang members to be in his videos, as that would provide Tekashi with some street reputation. 

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During the recent hearing, the rapper was asked to identify the members of the gang in his songs “GUMMO and ‘KUDDO” he on top added that “I wanted the video to be all red” for Gummo to reflect  the gangs color and later to make a diss song about a rapper named Trippie Red. Dressed in a blue jumpsuit, Hernandez looked visibly nervous as he explained many things, including some handshakes and signs of the gang, which was taught to him by his manager Kifano “Shotti” Jordan. 


There were moments when 69 was seen nodding and swaying his head, as prosecutors played his songs in the courtroom. David’s testimony comes after he signed a plea deal with the Manhattan U.S. attorney office. The rapper won’t be delivered with any decision made on his case until early 2020. As he is due to testify again in the coming days.

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