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8 year old had no choice but to kill himself due to years of Torture and Abuse by parents


A young boy from Ukraine has taken his life as a result of continuous abuse by their parents. The eight-year-old boy reportedly jumped off a ninth-floor apartment to death on the date of August 23.

The eight-year-old boy named Anton got back from his school to his home in Enerhodar, southern Ukrainian, and committed suicide. He jumped off because he was thrashed by his parents after returning home from school as he had ripped off his clothes. The nearby resident reported that they had heard the noises and shouting moments before the death of the boy.

A neighbor named Zhanna, who lived downstairs, reacted first to the incident. She is one who called the police and the ambulance. She told that there was a huge noise followed by complete silence and a boy falling in the small time frame. She also mentioned that a moment later, she heard a horrible loud thud noise, and when she looked out of the window, the boy was on the ground.

Paramedics and Forensic that had reached the scene, reported that the boy had his head hit first on the ground and died on the impact.

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Andrey, another fellow resident of the apartment, told that he saw the boy’s parents going to their flat and also rushing down to the streets after the boy fell down. The parents admitted that they had abused their son regularly and did the same before he committed suicide. They told them they beat him for misbehaving.

Now the parents have given up the apartment and have flown away. Police landed a charge against them for domestic battery. They may serve up to five years in prison, should they be guilty.  The concerned authorities are in works to trace the parents.

Zoya Pershyna, a psychologist, reported that the boy usually visited her for some counseling. But she never thought that a young boy like Anton would take such dreadful step.

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