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“Justin Bieber” Tried To Mock “Taylor Swift” For The Famous Banana Video On Insta Live But Got Trolled!!!


On Thursday, at The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon surprised Taylor Swift and all her Swifties by exposing a video of Taylor eating a banana in the most hilarious way.

The video showed a drugged-up, post-operation Swift attempting to eat a banana and almost having an emotional breakdown when she didn’t pick the one she wanted. In another clip, she’s eating her banana in bed, and her mom tells her not to fall asleep while she’s eating. The video was given to Fallon by Taylor’s mom, Andrea.

On Sunday, Justin Bieber mockingly reenacted this video on his wife’s Instagram. On Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram Live, Justin was heard screaming, “It’s not the banana that I wanted, it’s not the right banana, it has no head.” Hailey was shooting the video and could be heard commenting from behind the camera. Hailey commented, “That was so funny,” referring to Miley’s meltdown video.

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While Justin was just being playful and goofing around, the fans did not take the reenactment in good spirits. While some fans supported Justin and defended that he was just joking around, many lashed out at him.

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Fans accused Justin of being an insensitive bully and hypocrite. They commented that Taylor had just come out of surgery, and he should not make fun of her like that.

While the whole world is laughing at the meltdown video, the reason behind this sensitiveness towards Justin’s video accurately could be traced back to the rocky history that Taylor and Justin share.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have been in a brawl ever since Scooter Braun bought Taylor’s music, leaving her enraged. Taylor publicly came out and spoke about how Scooter had betrayed her. Justin was caught in the middle of the feud since Scooter is Justin’s friend and manager. Taylor had lashed out at Justin too, and Justin had responded to it, all of it happened publicly on social media.

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