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Kylie Jenner’s excitement on buying a $3million Bugatti Chirron is tagged needless by her fans


Kylie Jenner has encumbered a net worth of more than $1 billion at the age of 21, securing her a spot on the Forbes list of the youngest billionaire The now 22-year-old makeup giant has gifted herself a Bugatti Chiron and as usual she is not going to keep it a secret from her massive following on social network. In a video posted on her Instagram channel, Kyle was seen showing her $3 million white Chiron with a vibrant orange interior. She was also seen taking her new vehicle for a spin in a few stories she posted on Instagram.

Though this is not new to her to display her new toys to her social media fam, this time around, the fans of the TV reality queen weren’t pleased with her post. Some of the fans went to the extent of calling her out on open in social media. One person commented, on how some people (referring to Kyle) can justify buying more cars than they would ever need and showing it off on the social space. When there are people in the world who are struggling to get a single meal, lavishly spending on cars which could have fed an entire village for a minimum of the year, he said as reported by The Blast.

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There was another person seen shouting out on how she can justify her spends when more than half of the world is struggling to make ends meet. He had a question to Kyle on when enough is enough.

The Bugatti Chiron in question is a mid-engine two-seater sports variant, which generally ranged between $2 to $3 million, but there is no limit to what money can buy if you desire. According to a few reports, Kyle has reportedly shelled out a humungous $5.8m on her new wagon. This is not just a one-time investment; a regular oil change for this model would cost about $20,000, while a tire change would need nearly $38,000. After all these commentaries on her post, Kyle decided to delete her post from Instagram.

As per US Weekly, this might have been Jenner’s post-breakup gift as it was reported that Travis Scott and Jenner would be taking some time off their relationship.
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