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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn arrived hand in hand at The Saturday Night Live afterparty.


“Our Song” Singer Taylor Swift is making things more romantic for her and beau Joe Alwyn. Recently the love birds were seen holding each other’s hand and entering the Saturday Night Live afterparty. The pair who were secretly dating each other for 2years now finally made a public appearance. They never walked with each other and not even in award shows and red carpets, so this must excite any Taylor fan for sure. Taylor performed at the show (singing “Lover” and “False God”), and Joe celebrated his ladylove, arriving hand-in-hand with her to the party.


So it must strike in anyone’s mind that in this 21st century where relationships are building and breaking like in minutes, what’s there to love each other secretly? This answer was given by an ind=sider to a news channel when asked about this. The source said that they wanted to keep things in private as they would like to know each other in peace and out of the limelight. Taylor once said that she is fortunate to have Joe in her life and that she wanted to keep to herself only. Also, she said that all through these years, she has been in search of someone’s life him.

However, some Swifties think that this relationship has gone far from what we are thinking about. Anyone who has seen and heard the lyrics of her song “Lover” where she says, “My heart’s been borrowed, and yours has been blue. All’s well that ends well to end up with you” that means that the two are also engaged in the music video of “Me” Taylor is seen wearing a ring, that might be their engagement ring. But if the couple marries each other, then they have to share their wedding photos. So at that time, we can see them chilling and posing together. Right???


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