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Tekashi 69 looks excited to going to jail; Rapper asks the court to set his hearing as soon as possible


Well, Tekashi 6ix9ine is dominating the news for all the bad reasons now. Yes, the rapper whose double-crossed everyone, be it famous rappers or artists, is now all set to get his well-deserved punishments. And for a change, this accused is himself asking the government to give him his rightful imprisonment.

Also, as per the legal papers, the rapper has requested the judge of the proceedings to fasten the process. Yes, the rainbow rapper has asked to be awarded the sentencing as soon as possible. It looks like this star wants to get into the prison and start off his time there.

The latest updates state that Tekashi’s lawyer went ahead to send a letter to the court. Yes, in the message, the lawyer requested the authorities to accelerate the process so that the rapper could hear what’s to come. Moreover, he also expressed how the rapper was hoping that he gets a shorter term of imprisonment. The rapper has his predefined notion that he can escape the charges with a typical term that he would have got in any other situation.

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The letter that has been drafted states that the presenters of the rapper want the court to order a pre-investigation report. Further, it also requests the court to define a date for sentencing for him. As of now, the accused rapper can possibly face imprisonment of 47 years. However, the term can face a possible reduction if the rapper helps the law to get hold of all his Trey Nine Blood gangsters squad. The prosecutors then can request the jury to reduce the term of his jail time based on his stand performance. The sentence is most likely to be given away during the start of next year. And the rapper hopes to have the worst coming as early as possible.

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Moreover, sometime back rappers girlfriend too dropped hints towards his nearing sentencing in a post on her Instagram. However, the job has been deleted now.

Well, we hope the best for the rapper and wish for him to have his hearing as soon as he wants it to happen. Further, we look forward to justice to be served in the case.
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