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Thomas Markle REVEALS why he released Meghan Markle’s private letter; says he had to defend himself


Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle announced they would be suing The Daily Mail for false propaganda against The Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, made some parts of a letter that Meghan had sent him public. He is now defending his choice to make the letter public. The letter was sent to him by the Duchess of Sussex shortly after her wedding in May last year. Thomas Markle didn’t attend his daughter’s wedding. Earlier this year in February, The Mail on Sunday published some excerpts of the long handwritten letter.

Thomas Markle said that he had to make the letter public since many contents in the letter were not truly portrayed. Apparently, he made his decision to publish that letter after reading Meghan Markle’s friend’s article in People Magazine. He also said he released only parts of the letter because the unreleased portions of the letter were so painful. The letter hurt him a lot, and it did was not loving to him.

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Meghan’s friend’s article mentioned how Thomas Markle sent a letter to Meghan and in the end, requested for a photo op. The article went on to say how that’s the opposite of what Meghan wants. She wants the media out of it, but her father wants to communicate through the media to her. Meghan wanted to keep things private between her and her father. Thomas Markle went on to say how much he loves his daughter, , and all this craziness would stop if Meghan called him once and talked to him. One phone call is what he is asking from his daughter.

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Moreover, Thomas Markle is furious over all the false allegations on him, saying he is getting paid for releasing parts of the letter sent by Meghan Markle. However, The Mail on Sunday confirmed that no payment is being made to Thomas Markle for anything and denied all rumors.


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