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Avengers: Endgame Actor Josh Brolin Aka Thanos Talks About Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker


Josh Brolin To Talk About Joker

Avengers: Endgame, which hit the theatres massively this April, is the highest-grossing global movie of all time. Josh Brolin, who portrayed the legendary villainous character of Thanos, in the film, did open up about the Joker movie.

The movie which started Joaquin Phoenix has hit the big screen with flying colors.

Being directed by Todd Phillips, the movie was viewed by the critics to be “extremely violent” even before it’s release.

Now, Jos Brolin, aka Thanos, took to his Instagram account to post his thoughts regarding the movie. According to him, the film Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix as the lead, has every corner to be appreciated by people, especially by the ones who have faced some severe pieces of stuff in life. He adds that if a person has faced anything traumatizing or terrible in life, he could fully relate to the movie. He is of the opinion that the film is entirely based on unbounding the hidden aches of society and people. According to Jos, the film is all about how a person can feel and end up being after going through some terrible stuff in life.

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The movie is about a violent storyline indicating the origin of Joker, ending up being the excellent nemesis for Batman. May be due to some of its catch acts of violence, it was termed to be “dangerous” by the critics even before it’s release. Josh thinks one needs to be very passionate, deep, and understanding to feel what has been showcased in the movie.

To quotes briefly regarding what Jos actually said, “Joker is simply lifting the rug and looking underneath it. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s there.”

The movie has already won the hearts of the fans. With full appreciation for the same, Joaquin Phoenix needs special mention. His performance has been looked upon by the audience and critics to be eligible enough to get selected for the Oscar.

Kudos to this, a one-person show which blew us all with his spine chilling performance.


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