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Ellen DeGeneres has a funny way out of the recent controversy she got herself into


Ellen DeGeneres is voicing out forth the controversy heated when the show host was clicked sitting beside ex-President George W.Bush during Dallas Cowboys match against the Green Bay Packers last weekend.

So to lighten the heat that arose from the situation, Ellen went ahead to address the matter on her Tuesday’s segment. In the segment, Ellen gave a fascinating explanation as to how she ended up sharing the suit beside the ex-President. Further, she said that she got an invitation for the game from her friend Charlotte Jones. And Cowboys owner Jerry Jones happens to be Charlotte’s father. Creating humor out of the whole thing, Ellen stressed that she had to go in order to keep up with the Joneses.

Furthermore, Ellen then went on to share a video she recorded from the game. In the video that surfaced, the show host is seen taking a video of the crowd where she also got her wife, Portia DeRossi. Henceforth Ellen did all of this prior to settling next to the Bush’s. DeGeneres also said that as soon as she got the invitation, she had an idea of sitting amidst opposing views and beliefs.

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She also confessed that she had friendship with quarterback’s of the Packer, Aaron Rodgers.
She said that while the game, the paparazzi clicked the gay Hollywood liberal laughing with the former President. The President holds the impression of being a conservative leader, and she even mocked the people for being ignorant of her new iPhone 11. And paying notice to the displeasure that arose, she also gave a fascinating explanation to it. The comedian said although she has different views, she doesn’t mind having a friendship with the people holding a different perspective than her. She said that she has respect for all people, be it the ones having an opposite point of view.

She also added further that she wants to be kind to everyone, be it the ones having an opposite outlook. Ellen went on to say that one should respect the ones who don’t agree with your views itself.
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