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After Being Son Justin Combs’s Girlfriend, Model “Lori Harvey” Is Current Partner Of Father “Diddy”!!! The Trio Spotted In A Strip Club!!!


A 49-year-old Diddy is enjoying his life. He was spotted with a 22-year-old model named Lori Harvey. They took membership of a strip club and were spotted dancing there. They were dancing at the “Magic city strip club.”

An unlikely visitor joined them in the strip club. It was Diddy’s son Justin Combs. This seemed unnatural. There was a bidding romance between Harvey and Combs. It gets awkward further! Harvey and Diddy have been dating since earlier this year.

Justin was partying with his father and his rumored ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey.

Their followers could not resist commenting on their pictures. Some said that Diddy was not loyal to his own son as he started dating his own son’s ex. Some even called Lori a gold digger as she jumped from the son to the father.

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A couple of followers claimed that she never dated Justin, but it was a false statement to cover-up her relationship with Diddy.


Lori and Justin’s romance was by no means confirmed because they never put a tag on it. Some fans were even happy that there was nothing happening between them.

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credits: whosdatedwho.com

Earlier this month, the 22-year-old was seen vacationing with Diddy in Mexico. There are rumors about Lori being pregnant with Diddy’s child as he rubbed her abdomen during the paparazzi photographs. Some said Diddy was just admiring Lori’s abs, and there is no child.

Diddy and Lori linked again in March, and that’s when the duo must have started dating. Diddy even went on a trip with Lori and her parents Steve and Majorie Harvey, in Italy.

Neither Diddy nor Lori has confirmed anything about their ‘relationship.’ The fans wait for the couple to give them a piece of solid news instead of giving a few glimpses of their romance.

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