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Black Widow might come back alive after dying in the Endgame; A sequel of the super hero is awaited


Well, the official announcement has not made rounds yet, and they are not even expected to make way until next year’s San Diego Comic-Con. But the shots from Norway indicate that the production for Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow has kicked in. The presumptions state that this Cate Shortland’s directorial is going to be the perfect MCU summer starter for 2020.

Although Avengers: Endgame works wonder as a full stop on the Infinity legend. As a finale, Endgame did justice as the end of MCU is it is an end indeed. This is not similar to the Lost series ending and gives satisfactory character pay-offs instead of a fixed narration. However, people have an inbuilt love for money. Hence, this superhero universe will continue even after Endgame and Infinity wars. However, the choice of particular storytelling would present as a challenge.

Although we did see our favorite heroes dying in the movie supposed to be the end of the Marvel cinematic universe but our heroes come alive in the world where they have been dead for almost a span of five years.

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The history of these superheroes crosses over, destroying the long narrative of the superhero’s individual story. The end solution of the MCU’s Avenger world leaves behind a much darker impression of this superhero saga concentrating on how they choose to resolve the cliffhanger of the Avenger Infinity War.

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The one-stop solution to this should have Black Widow in the gap of two years happening between the Civil War and Infinity War timeline. This will allow a progression to take place without being overshadowed by the occurrences of the two-part ending of the Russo Bros. Endgame draws a rich irony painting Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, as the worst villain on one side and biggest superhero on the other. This superhero readily chose suicide over trading lives at the end of the Avengers chronicle.

Well, some loved the ending, whereas others criticized it, but a new individual sequel of the Black Widow story will surely be a delight for the lovers of this superhero epic.
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