Recently, Ellen DeGeneres was at Dallas for the Cowboys game. During the game, she was sitting next to ex-President George W Bush and enjoying the game. They both were seen laughing and talking at the game. This made many people furious as to why DeGeneres was sitting next to Bush.

So, Ellen DeGeneres decided to address this topic on her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has been the host of this show since 2003. In her monologue, DeGeneres addressed that she and George W Bush are really good friends. It doesn’t matter that she is a gay, liberal person from Hollywood, and Bush is a conservative Republican President. She joked about how people didn’t even notice the fact that she was holding the new iPhone 11 but were upset over them sitting together.

She went on to say how she is friends with many people who don’t share the same beliefs and views as herself. She even joked about how she was siding with the Packers to win, but many fans at the game were rooting for the Cowboys to win. She implied that everyone is different, and it is okay to be changed. Just because someone doesn’t agree with her belief system doesn’t mean she is not going to be friends with them.


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She stressed on the importance of kindness and being kind to everyone despite having differences. It is not enough to be helpful to people only you want to.  It doesn’t matter. It is essential to be kind to everyone. Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian in 1997, a time when not everyone was brave enough to do that. She is lauded for being a stand-up comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer today. In 2016, she was awarded with the Presidential medal of Freedom.  However, some fans were actually happy and thrilled seeing Bush and DeGeneres together at the game and tweeted about how this is the America they want to live in and look forward to living in.


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