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“Jamie Foxx” Trying To Mend His Relationship With “Tom Cruise” Post “Katie Holmes” Departure!!!


A tale about the relationship of Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx following Katie Holmes Split of Foxx is entirely composed. It’s a fiction we’ve learned. Together, one year before the cruise began dating Holmes, Cruise and Foxx co-starred in the 2004 thriller Collateral.

The two performers were friendly as they worked on the film, but they fell away after Cruise was divorced from Holmes in 2012, according to Naughty Gossip. The blog seems like Holmes and Foxx are gathered instantly after the divorce, but when their casual romance begins, it is not clear. At a charity case in late 2013, they were found as early as possible together.

Via Tom Cruise’s Instagram

Is Tom Cruise the reason for Katie and Jamie’s split?

The supposed source says, “Everybody forgets that Tom Cruise is the only reason Katie and Jamie understand one another. The suspect insider says,” Jamie’s been literally there with Tom and Katie since day one. Jamie was once an excellent friend with Tom. “The seemingly falsified insider adds,” Tom and Jamie weren’t really pretty, now they are changing their broken relationship. “After a hilarious breakup, Foxx and Cruise’s friendship broke up too.”

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Via Katie Holmes’s Instagram

Cruise and Foxx have been friendly during the moment of release, but there is no clue that both were the greatest friends ever. There’s no sign. In reality, in a match in 2006 Redskins-Vikings, it was the only time Foxx was photographed with both Cruise and Holmes. At no other stage in your connection, Foxx was found with either star.

Did the couple really part ways?

It isn’t the only couple in Hollywood that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are divided. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, who has also decided for a while to split up. While Katie has just come across a shopping spree with daughter Suri Cruise,

Via Jamie’s Instagram

Jamie Foxx has been making headlines in his attempt to mend his relationship with former Katie’s husband, Tom Cruise. W√§hrend Katie and Jamie now residing independently reportedly, Sela Valve lately found the latter. However, Jamie finished all speculations by addressing Valve on social media.

In the meantime, the second installment of Cruise’s iconic movie ‘ Top Gun’ is all about again for the crowd. On 26 June the next year, the High Octave Drama will be released.

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