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Joker’s IMDb Rating Surpasses That Of The Dark Knight, Meanwhile Joaquin Surprises Fans At LA Theatre!


Joker To Hit Massive, Gets A High IMDb Rating

Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker has hit the big screen on a high note, running with flying colors. Meanwhile, the film is rated even higher than The Dark Night on IMDb.

The Dark Night, starring Heath Ledger, had an IMDb rating of 9 out of 10 based on 2.1 million votes. Currently released Joker, has a spectacular score of 9.1 based on 115,000 above ballots.

The fans are left terrified after viewing the movie. The security has been extended and taken more care of the outside and inside the cinema halls. This act is sole to avoid any bitter experiences like that of 2012, Aurora, Colorado Theatre Shooting. A gunman, James Homes, by name, did shot 12 people dead on the opening day of the release of the Batman movie. Hence, masks and face paints are banned too in the theatres now.

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The film was termed to be “violent” by the critics even before it’s release on the big screen.

Joaquin Deserves Special Mention

The actor, with his magnificent performance and terrific screen presence, has blown away hearts. Many think that this particular performance makes him worthy of winning the Oscar. Meanwhile, the film has been busy setting amazing box office records. It became the most significant launch of October of all time, with 93.5 USD dollars in the pocket.

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Some of the theatres were on high alert. Meanwhile, to surprise his fans massively, the actor himself turned up on the theatres of Downtown, LA. He even chatted patiently with his fans, answering their curiosities and questions.

Meanwhile, another news has caught attention. In one of the theatres, a man was kicked out as he was spitting at people and cheering aloud when characters were dying.

Are you done watching this masterpiece? If not, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now! A film with a massive one-person show an entire class is worth watching and praising.

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