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Robert Downey Jr Appreciates Martin Scorsese’s Opinion on Marvel Films Not Cinema


The Martin Scorsese comment on Marvel movies doesn’t seem to end receiving opinions from actors and directors associated with Marvel. The face of Marvel- Robert Downey Jr- has given his views on the comment made by the Italian-American director. Robert Downey Jr is known globally for bringing Ironman to life on the big screen. He is one of the most loved Marvel actors. His departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe definitely broke many fan’s hearts.

The 54-year-old actor, producer, and singer were on The Howard Stern Show two days back when he addressed this subject. They were talking about the legacy of Tony Stark aka Ironman that Downey had created 11 years back. Funnily, Downey mentioned how Scorsese said they aren’t movies, so he needs to check on that. Upon asking why Scorsese could have said that, Downey just said he appreciates Scorsese’s opinion. It is important to have all the different perspectives of your work.

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Howard Stern said Scorsese might be jealous of Marvel movies, and very smartly, Downey replied that is it even possible for Scorsese to be “jealous” of Marvel movies. He is Scorsese. Howard Stern went on to say that Scorsese is just a guy who archives movies, and Downey immediately said he filed Downey Sr, his father’s films. Stern also implied how old age is shaping Scorsese’s views on cinema. Some fans watching the interview loved how Downey took the high road in such a tight spot and dealt with this comment calmly, in a sensitive manner.

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Last week, Marvel celebrities like Samuel L Jackson, James Gunn, and Joss Whedon also talked about this and expressed their disappointment over Scorsese’s comment. Recently Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan also supported her director, James Gunn, over the same issue. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 31-year-old Scottish actress and filmmaker said, “There are so much heart and soul, and it’s James’ soul in there,” defending James Gunn.

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