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Liam has his own unique way to walk through his break up; ‘Isnt it Romantic’ star wants to stay away from dating for now


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s short-lived marriage have hit a two-month milestone of the two going their own separate ways. However, the drama brewing up from it has made the news stay in the headlines since the time it happened. And we almost feel like the two parted ways just yesterday. We do know that Cyrus jumped into another relationship as soon as she divorced Liam. However, Liam has chosen to walk his own unique breakup pathway.

‘Climb’ hitmaker enjoyed a few weeks of heated romance with partner Caitlyn Carter. And just when the world was speculating the two to be moving in, they walked their own different ways. However, it wasn’t even a split second that the singer is seen hooking up with Cody Simpson, which makes the situation all the more absurd for both of her exes. Miley even drafted a lengthy post on the whole case of being caught in between the scene with Cody Simpson in a free setup.

But opposite to Cyrus, Liam is not having any dating situations at the moment. Well, having said that, we do not mean that the ‘ Isn’t It Romantic’ star is still lingering on the memories with his ex-wife. Moreover, unlike the world, Liam is least interested in his ex-wife’s hook-ups, and the two are not even on talking terms anymore.

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Sources even state that Liam is in a better place right now and has understood it well that their’s nothing to his past relationship. Further, revealing the source said that Liam indeed was having a hard time getting past this heartache; however, right now, the actors doing great in his life. And he did take his own healing time to get over everything. And the news is that this fish in town is unavailable for dating at the moment and wishes to remain single for a little while.

Since Miley and Liam are two different people hence its evident that the two have their own healing processes. Looking at which we know that Miley’s interested in living her active adult dating life while Liam is focussing on her career. His projects, Dodge and Miles on Quibi, are in his bucket right now, and he is totally preparing for these challenging roles. Nevertheless, the actor’s around his family for all the support, and we do understand that.

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