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Robert Downey Jr. turned down his fans idea of having the actor nominated for the Oscars


Robert Downey Jr., aka Iron Man, is the sun of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans love to watch him on screen. This character holds a decade long history of entertaining fans. And fans are totally head over heels for this very character who has laid the foundation stone for the whole superhero universe. And now its fan squad is looking forward to getting our Tony Stark on the nomination list for an Academy Award for his character build-up in the Avengers: Endgame.

However, Tony Stark has his own string of thoughts to this suggestion. Yes, the actor has a different approach where he thinks that playing the role is an award in itself, and hence he is not looking for any additional trophies to come his way. And in his sit-down with Howard Stern, the actor even went on to say that he had been hearing that people want his name for the upcoming Oscars.

And to this, Robert said that he did not want his fans to go forth with it. He even issued the statement that performing the role is a win-win situation in itself. Adding further, he said that he wasn’t sure in himself if it was something to be recognized by the academy.

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Recently, Disney kicked off a campaign to have the record-breaking success that is Avengers: Endgame is a part of various Oscar categories. And building upon this, the fans petitioned to have Robert’s performance in the flick be recognized with an award like Oscars. It was Joe Russo who holds the title for the origination of the idea of Robert being nominated for the Oscars.

After the film rolled out, the co-director of the film said that he had never seen people connect to any performance like how they did to Tony Stark’s. And hence, he noted that Robert very well deserved an Oscar for it. Although he might not have meant it in a literal sense, but looks like the fans have taken the idea way too far.

Well, as for us, we do believe that there can be no better Tony Stark than Robert Downey Jr. And we wish he gets an Oscar, but we also agree with the performance in the film was a prize in itself.
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