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5 Elephants SACRIFICED themselves trying to save an Elephant & Drowned


The group of six elephants lost their life after falling from the waterfall in Thailand on Saturday. Those six fell down into the Haew Narok waterfall in Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park.

Around 3 A.M. in the morning, the group of park officials heard a loud noise of elephants screaming. The officials were at that time pushing few elephants towards the forest through Highway 3077 in Prachin Buri. They felt the noise of the loud trumpets were coming from Samor Poon creek, the area around the waterfall.

Until 6, the officials didn’t visit the place, but when they reached the place, they found an elephant calf drowning in the first tier of the waterfall. When the officials looked around, they encountered two more elephants, frazzled, who were trying to save the calf. On further exploring, the officers found five elephants drowning at the lower level of the waterfall. Officials believed that the five elephants were trying to rescue the 3-year-old elephant calf, but instead, they fell down and drowned.

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The other two struggling elephants were rescued around 2.30 pm on Saturday. The chief of the national park, Khanchit Srinoppawan, reported that the national park has now been closed for the public exploration following this tragic incident. Witthaya Hongwiangchan, the director of the Protected Area Region of the National park, reported that efforts were made to save the other two animals. They were injected with nutrition supplements, bananas, and sugar canes.

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The Khao Yai National Park is the common home to nearly 300 elephants and is the most attracted destination in all of Thailand to enjoy the greatness of nature.

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