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After The Irishman and Gemini Man, actors needn’t worry about old age ever again


The recent movies The Irishman and Gemini Man both used digital technology in their films for most of its part. A significant portion of that digital technology was used to de-age actors using CGI. Robert De Niro and Will Smith were both de-aged using CGI in their respective movies. Both films make use of a technique that is known as digital de-aging, through which state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery (CGI) is employed as digital makeup on the faces of real people. This allowed filmmakers, Martin Scorsese and Ang Lee, not to cast any other younger actor to portray their lead actors.

This actually keeps the audience watching the movie engaged and marvel at the brilliance of this technology. But, even before The Irishman and Gemini Man, the use of this technology has been used already. In Captain America: Civil War, we see a young, de-aged Robert Downey Jr. Michael Douglas was de-aged using CGI for the opening bit of Antman. Even Samuel L Jackson was de-aged for his role as Nick Fury in the entire movie, Captain Marvel, using most of his facial features from Pulp Fiction.

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Recently, Ang Lee revealed that his love for digital technology in movies helped him to make a movie like Gemini Man. Lee even used a full-blown computer-generated Bengal Tiger in Life of Pi. Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro’s friendship goes way back. Scorsese definitely didn’t think that casting a younger actor in place of De Niro would be fine. He made sure De Niro played his character at all times.

Samuel L Jackson in Captain Marvel

This technology was used for the first time in X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006. But it was just one scene of a flashback. The Irishman is all set for release on Netflix on November 1, whereas Gemini Man releases today across the globe.

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