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Daughter SHOT IN THE FACE by Abusive Father in Oklahoma for going on a date with her boyfriend


A father from Oklahoma murdered his own daughter just because she went on a date with someone else. The father was desperate and shot the young girl on her face at his home in Oklahoma, US.

The horrible incident took place back in June 2017. The deceased 22-year-old was a popular ex-cheerleader in the town. Her 45-year-old father, Ronald McMullen, was convicted of the murder back in 2017, and now the trial of his first-degree murder has been concluded. He is to be sentenced on December 4.

The suspect, Ronald McMullen, was pleaded not guilty!

The father initially made up that her deceased daughter, Kailee McMullen, accidentally shot herself.

When Kailee returned home from the date, the father was furious and shot her in the face. After she was dead on the site, he moved the body and called his wife at the scene. Later, he phoned 911, and authorities showed up at his place.

The cops at the crime scene developed the suspicion over McMullen after they noticed the blood all over his body. He even didn’t respond to the cops; in fact, he requested his wife to do the talking.

At Cleveland County District Court, McMullen was pleaded not guilty of the abhorrent crime he had committed but concluded that Kailee shot herself. There was a justifiable amount of gun residue on her hands that clearly directed the death was an act of Kailee herself.

But things turned around when prosecutors at Cleveland County District Court found that there was a disturbing father-daughter relationship. Kailee reportedly told her few friends, even her ex-boyfriend that her father allegedly assaulted and sexually abused her.

People recovered some report that was never filed that McMullen molested Kailee back in 07 when she was just 14 years old. Various text messages were recovered that included the threatening messages from McMullen to the girl.

Kailee returned home around at 1 A.M., and she was allegedly killed around 5.15-5.30 A.M.

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