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Deadpool & Avenger feud: Ryan Reynold apologies to Karen Gillan for roasting her


Trash talks are always part and parcel of any game. The sledging is pretty common, and it is something that energizes the players to perform even better with higher levels of aggression. Trash talks are nothing but scolding or making fun of the opponents before or during the game. Cricket, Football, Basketball, Boxing, etc. (generally in games where physical power is involved) are some sports in which trash talk is commonly found.

This trash talk has recently spread to the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football league too. As known, it is a fantasy game based on football, which is played by the Avengers Superhero real-life characters for charity purposes. The winner is given $100,000 prize money. Each of the stars has picked their choice of NGO’s or such similar agencies which fight for some noble cause.

However, the game has got more intense as the players started their trash talk against one another. The spotlight obviously is between Ryan Reynold (Deadpool) and Karen Gillan (Nebula). The actors were head to head in a game, and Ryan has trash-talked about the fellow contestant to the fullest.

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The video he posted about the talk was full of beep words, and it was way beyond limits. 

Karen, too, was not silent and has given a savage reply in her own way. She replied to that video stating, “Actions speak louder than words.”  In her video, she has gone to a store, bought a toy, and burnt it. Surprisingly it was a Spiderman toy. Maybe she has done it intentionally to mock that Dealpool is not famous, or was it a genuine mistake?

Ryan later commented that Tom Holland needs an apology for it.

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Finally, Karen won the match, and Ryan has openly congratulated her for the victory. He apologized for his previous trash talk, admitting that it was way out of line.

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