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Is OT Genasis the secret father of Malika Haqq’s baby that she has been hiding


Giving birth to a baby is always the best moment for any woman. It is such a stage where women turn into a mother. Though fathers, too, share that proud moment, it does not match with the mother’s feeling.  As soon as she gives birth, women always inculcate the motherly attitude immediately. Her love towards to baby is incomparable, and she becomes overly cautious, protective, and possessive about the child. And that is why it is considered as one of the most beautiful phenomena ever.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Malika Haqq is about to face similar experiences in the near future. She recently made it public that she was pregnant. She shared this news through an Instagram post. 

Who is the father?

It is the most common question that everyone asks. Especially in cases where a woman is unmarried.

Well, A child born out of wedlock and whose father is not known is never treated with much of dignity in this world. Thus, Malika decided to disclose this fact. However, she has not done it yet but promised to do it soon.

Moreover, she also spoke about several aspects of her post. Besides telling that she was pregnant, Malika said she’s decided that the rest of her life will be the best of her life. She also told she’s grateful for the little spirit that grows inside her. In an exclusive interview with People’s Magazine, She has expressed that She would absolutely reveal the paternity of the father. She has told that the baby was made in love and that is something that will unfold at a later date. The sex of the child is also discovered, which she wishes to keep it a secret too.

Many People are also theorizing and assuming that OT Genasis is the father of Malika’s baby. And this assumption isn’t baseless because is Genasis Malika’s EX and they were together for a significant amount of time.

Khloe Kardashian and Malika were seen shopping in Los Angeles recently. She shopping was for the future baby. Khole is certainly a true BFF and will be a wonderful aunt. She also posted on social media recently that her baby is having another baby.

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