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Justin Bieber desparetely wants to go on a double date with Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus!!


Currently, if you want to know the To Entertainment news in the Music world, anyone out there would tell about the goofy pictures and relations of Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson. But things don’t end there. Recently Cody took up Instagram to post an image of his toned body in swimwear. Now to this, everyone flooded his account with the thirstiest comments, and Rob Lowe’s son made a joke about his nipples. But amid all the fans trying to shoot their shot, Justin Bieber slid in there to let Cody know his body is “a wonderland” before asking, “Double date?”To give a decent reply to Justin’s childish comment, Simpson wrote that He could text him for this.

Cyrus referred to Simpson as her “BF” on her Instagram Stories when he visited her in the hospital while she was under treatment for tonsillitis. Simpson arrived with flowers in tow and serenaded Cyrus with a song he wrote just for her. But whenever the couple in coming in front of any media interaction, they are saying that they are living the moment, and nothing is quite severe between these two childhood friends.

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Nevertheless, it was a very curious and smart comment by Justin, who took up the hottest couple on the news and wanted to go on a date with them. Many fans think that it was just a comment to make in social media, and Justin didn’t make anything serious there. However, few feel it was Justin’s way of catching the spotlight and making a comment that would make him relate to them.

Justin, who a few days back, got married to his lady love Hailey Baldwin is now giving relationship advice to people all around. It might be so that he wants them t talk with him about this!! But would it be a perfect date with your Ex-Girlfriend, her present boyfriend and with Justin’s current wife??? Time seems to answer correctly!!!

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