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Nikki Bella To Insist Sex With New Boyfriend, Says It Is “The best I Ever Had”!


Nikki Bella To Get Vocal About Her Sex Life With New Boyfriend

Last April, the break up between Nikki Bella and John Cena came as a great shock to all the fans. The WWE legend and former Davis champion’s split was indeed a big blow. There six years-long relationship came to an end 12 months after the 16 times WWE champion went down on the knees to post the question on a worldwide basis.

Bella had been utterly upset with the breakup. She even went vocal about it. Now, she is in a relationship with her former Dancing With The Stars Partner Chigvintsev. She did say about her new sex life, which she grants to be the “best.”

She has been speaking on the same on the episode of her sister’s podcast. She did reveal about her “adventure” with the 37-year-old dancer. To quote what she actually said, “Oh, 100 percent. The best I’ve ever had.” She even added if one has a dancer that they don’t go back further.

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Without any hesitation, she did also reveal that dancers have a special form of feminine energy. According to her, when they get into the bedroom, “That’swhen the man comes out, and you’re like, ‘Whoa.’ And how he works my body, he dances on it.” She even confessed that she didn’t know what to expect from her partner when she doesn’t the first time slept with him. But now that she knows she sheds adamant.

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Back in June, she shared the news of her brain cyst, which kind of forced her to take the retirement. The fans got super worried at her announcement. Though she soothed the fans saying, “Thank god it’s benign. It’s super scary and something you never think you’re going to hear. But I’m so grateful for my health and that it’s benign. It really scared me, but it upsets me at the same time as it keeps me out of the ring.”

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