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Schoolgirl Fat Shammed & BANNED from school coz her Skirt was ‘TOO BIG’


A Portchester Community School, in Fareham, England, forced one of their students to abandon school or stay at home just because she was, as they say, too big for the school uniform code.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl, Kada Jones, is now heartbroken and in isolation, as the skirt wore by her do not satisfy the school uniform requirements. Kada returned to her Community School to commence the first term in Year 10, but she was met by a harsh decision that left her depressed from the school administration. She is now banned from returning to the class or joining the school.

This happened after Kada wore another outmatching uniform skirt. The school strictly suggested that every student should wear grey pleated knee-length skirts, but Kada wore a different one, a grey size 24-26 skirt from Aldi. She took this step due to her size, that couldn’t withstand the regular school uniform. But also, the school hadn’t any issue wearing that same piece of cloth, a year before.

Schoolgirl Fat Shammed & BANNED from school coz her Skirt was 'TOO BIG'
Photo: The News, Portsmouth

This year was a total surprise for her when she was expelled from the class and was instructed to either wear a skirt as per the school regulation or study in isolation or simply stay at home. The girl disregarded the instruction and, as a rebel, went into school the next day, on Wednesday, wearing the same skirt. But after she attended two of the morning lectures, she was shown the way out of the classroom.

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Kada is heartbroken and mentioned that school treated her like she isn’t a human being. All she ever wanted is to go to school and study. She also told me that she is completely grief-stricken and crying for five days. Her mother, Carleen Jones, reported that Kada is medically healthy and is seethe towards school administration.

Portchester Community School headmaster told that all pupils must abide by the school rules and also mentioned that school is looking for a uniform that is compliant.

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