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The Photographer’s behind ‘The Handmaid Tale’ themed wedding photoshoot defend their idea amidst rising criticism


Well, in case you don’t know it is a couple’s ‘The Handmaid Tale’ themed wedding photoshoot is ruling the internet right now. Yes, but it is doing so, not for all the good reasons. There’s a sea of haters that have been criticizing the pictures for the theme it brings out.

And the cameramen who’ve made the whole thing come alive are standing in defense of the entire creation. The haters did point out that the couple misunderstood the depiction of oppression in the book and in the television show.

The adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 book, is backed by Hulu productions. And the series is built around a monarchical apocalyptic America where a certain section of women called Handmaids bear the children of the infertile wives by force. Moreover, this oppressive world also considers being a member of LGBTQ as a legal offense.

Hence, all of these constituents from the series makes the idea of this theme for a wedding photoshoot next to impossible. But some like Kendra and Torsten Mueller defy the norms and do just what shocks the world. And their wedding shoot has done precisely that, and it has caused quite a storm all over social media.

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The newlyweds’ photographers had the bride and groom stand in front of a Cambridge Wall with handmaids standing on either side of each of them. Yes, the Hanging Wall of Cambridge is the scene where the shoot took place. Hanging Wall, the place where authorities did the hanging of the people for defying the imaginary holy dominion. And yes, this absurd idea did catch everyone’s attention forth being posted on Twitter. It was viral in no time with around 1000 of critical comments below it. Further, many people voiced against the photo for being ignorant to the theme of the series. And even went on to flood the Facebook and Instagram handle of the photographers Van Daele and Russell rooted out from London, Ontario.

Moreover, many people on the streets nearby even called the photoshoot’s theme as bizarre and confusing. However, the idea of the whole thing is little standoffish, but we wish the couple all the very best for their life to come.
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