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84-year-old DEAD Grandmother RAPED by 2 teenage Boys


A deceased 84-year-old grandmother was raped by the horrible teenage boys after they break into the graveyard where the corpse had been kept.

The 84-year-old grandmother was buried in Digos City Public Cemetery, Davao, the Philippines. The corpse is believed to be of a woman identified as Isabel Bastatas. Her family buried her on the Cemetery on September 29. The next day, when her family went to pay a visit, they found their grandmother’s coffin was opened. Furthermore, the coffin was dismantled, and her legs were disturbed. The family doubted that she had been raped after discovering the sign of intercourse and missing undergarments.

The local police involved in the case have apprehended two teenagers, whose names aren’t revealed due to legal reasons. Police reported that they were able to catch those sick teenagers after a witness reached the police and helped with investigations. The witness reported to the police by pointing to the suspects by calling Erwin and the friend.

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84-year-old DEAD Grandmother RAPED by 2 teenage Boys
Credit: Viral Press

The police believed that the teens were on the quest of valuables inside the coffin. Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto Castillo told that investigation is running to determine what exactly has been stolen from the dead body of the old lady.

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The boys have been moved to the Department of Social Welfare Development Office and are under custody. The boys denied all the allegations made to them. One of the teens even also claimed that the police forced them to confess of crime, which (by him) they haven’t committed. On the other hand, the family members of the deceased grandmother are trying to land a legal case against the parents of those two outrageous teenagers.

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