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Avengers: Endgame’s Directors “Russo Brothers” Bouched “Robert Downey Jr” For “Oscar”. Said If His Performance Doesn’t Deserve The Award Then Don’t Know What Will!!!


Iron Man is just not a character, but it’s an emotion. Avengers had created an abundant impact on the pop culture these recent months. Robert Downey Jr. spent the most precious years of his life playing a character that bound people in the entire world to each other.
The directors of Avengers: Endgame Joe and Anthony Russo, in a recent interview, expressed their discontent for the lack of appreciation in the form of awards at Oscars that Robert Downey Jr deserved. The movie broke records and was past Avatar to become the highest-grossing film of the year. Robert Downey Jr’s terrific performance had his fans come in support of him.

Image Source: India Today
Image Source: India Today

The directors did always clear that they made the film not for awards but for recognition and audience satisfaction, but were upset about the fact that the deserved wasn’t awarded. The directing duo says that superhero movies have always failed to come into notice compared to other genres. It seems like a disconnect between the audience’s choice and the academy

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Iron Man’s performance has done such a great job that the entire global audience has reacted in the most surprising yet superlative manner. No person better than him could have played a character better than him. Is it really commercial films with good numbers matter? Or are the performances even considered?

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Image Credit: MCU.
Image Credit: MCU.

The Russo brothers are ardently vouching for Robert Downey Jr for his profound performance that touched the audience globally. They say if this performance doesn’t deserve an Oscar, they wouldn’t know what will.

Robert, 54, in the End Game left his fans sobbing with the end of Tony Stark more than a decade in MCU. “I hope everybody embraced what we felt was impactful to the character. The Russo’s mentioning that it would be great that he gets acknowledged for the endeavor that he did”, says producer Trihn Tran.
The directors still stump for one thing, and that is Robert Downey Jr, the supremely talented actor who brings life to his character.

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