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“Bella Hadid” Is Officially Back With “Weeknd” After Two Months Of Break Up!!!


Bella Hadid seems to be back together with The Weeknd after being apart for two months. The two were spotted together at Bella Hadid’s 23rd Birthday Party. Insider sources have revealed that they are giving their relationship a try again, but they are keeping it low for now.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd had first started dating in 2015 and then briefly split in December that year. In May 2018, they sparked reconciliation rumors again, when they were photographed making out in Cannes, and they later made things official on Instagram two months later. Again, almost one year later, they split up again in August this year. But their on-again-off-again relationship is probably on again!

After being apart for two months, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd seem to have worked out their issues and are officially back together. Bella and Abel were spotted together earlier this week at Bella’s 23rd birthday party. They were spotted celebrating the singer’s birthday, with tequila shots, dance, and love. According to insider sources, Abel, aka The Weeknd, was with her the entire night. They danced the night away together. And at the end of the eventful night, the couple headed back together to the apartment where they both were staying together.

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The sources further revealed that the two are trying to talk and figure out their differences. Apparently, Abel was the one who made the first move and started a conversation, just catching up about each other’s lives. One thing led to another, and they made up their minds to give it a try. One of the issues was that Abel had his focus somewhere else, but that does not seem to be an issue anymore.

The insider source also revealed that love was never an issue between them. After they reconnected, they both realized that the love between them was never lost. They both are in a better place now but want to keep things low, as of now.

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