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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still far from their divorce settlement; Their France property is making it hard to conclude things


Brangelina fans can relax as Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie delay their divorce for the couple is still figuring out a possible thing they can do with their wine yard and chateau in France. Well, the couple decided to part ways forth Pitt and Maddox’s heated argument in a private plane took a turn for the worst. Nevertheless, Pitt can’t help but regret having a lousy relationship with his son that caused a strain on his relationship with Jolie.

It was three years past from now that Angelina decided for herself. Yes, the one to call it quits between her and Pitt following a dispute between her eldest son Maddox and Brad on their private jet. As per sources, the clash worsened so much that the authorities had to intervene after the landing of the flight. Well, since the incident hit the headlines, fans have been sure that this one is their last goodbyes. But it does help cross everyone’s mind as to why the exes haven’t gone forward with signing off their divorce papers yet.

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Well, according to The Blast, their’s some news on their divorce’s unfinished story. The reason for the delay in their split is the fact that the two have got millions of dollars in their pockets. And as we all are aware of that, your bank balance higher often equates to the problems in your life. Yes, this goes perfectly in this case, at least. As per The Blast, the exes are still struggling to divide their property, especially the one they own in France. Yes, their France property contains a wine yard and a chateau, which the couple bought back in 2011.

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However, from what US Weekly says, it is Maddox who has not been very welcoming towards Brad now. In addition to this, the 18-year-old has even denied being Brad’s son anymore. Hence, this straightened record from his side comes as Brad’s most significant loss. Even Pax and Brad’s relationship was reported to going through a tough phase. Nevertheless, with Maddox out of the picture, the chances are that the father and son duo might just reconnect.

Well, we hope that this family gets into a better phase of understanding each other. And things get better for Angelina and Brad so that the two can settle everything out.
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