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Courageous Woman GANG RAPED for a Month, Ran from her 4 Kidnapper


A young 24-year-old woman was kidnapped for more than a month by a group of four men who then repeatedly gang-raped her till she was pregnant.

The 24-year-old reported that she escaped the hell after six weeks. The woman further claimed the four men daily inject her with the sedatives so that they could gang-rape her for six weeks in Behror, a place near Rajasthan in India.

A police officer who was acknowledged about the incident reported the national newspaper outlet, Times of India that she was initially robbed. The four men robbed around 6000 Indian Rupees and then gang-raped her. The officer further mentioned that the girl was transferred to various locations to fed sedatives and gang-raped her. She was moved to different location every-time and gang-raped at different places.Chicago Police officer Near North Side

The woman was abducted from her home on Saturday, July 20th. Her husband filed a missing person report in the local police station on the same day. The police officers started the investigation from the next day. The police didn’t encounter a single lead to apprehend those cruel humans.

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The woman herself got escaped from the captors after six months and reached out to the police station. The four horrendous criminals are still at large but have been identified. The four men are named as Anil Kumar, Dayanand, Ram Avtar, and Rohtash. The police urged the guys to show up and turn themselves in. But it has been just a ghost call, so the police are on a manhunt for these guys.

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These guys have fled, and police are on their continuous investigation to lead to them.

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