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Horror movie turn real, Adoptive Family Kicked 6-year-old out because they thought she a grown up woman plotting to kill them


A couple from America adopted a 6-year-old orphan from Ukraine back in 2010, but they believed that she is actually a grown-up woman disguised as 6-year-old. Also, the couple told shocking speculation; the same girl, according to them, was obsessed with killing the couple and their family.

Kristine Barnett, a 45-year-old mother and her a 43-year-old husband (now ex), Michael Barnett dumped Natalia, their adoptive daughter in their Indiana home in 2013, and they flew to Canada. They did so because they believed that the 6-year-old they adopted was, in fact, a grown-up adult posing as a young child. They came to believe after witnessing the 6-year-old with advanced vocabulary, growth of pubic hair, and menstrual cycle.

The couple claimed that they were forced to abandon the adopted girl after the couple and their biological children were threatened of death in the hands of Natalie. The couple told that Natalie was up to horrible acts that had risked their lives. Natalie purportedly told that she was going to stab the whole Barnett family in their sleep. Kristine Barnett shockingly claimed that Natalie tried to slay her not once but twice, once by pushing her into the electric fence and second by mixing Pine-Sol into her coffee.

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Natalie is suffering from severe psychiatric illness and rare kind of dwarfism. Michael and Kristine Barnett, upon realizing the extreme psychiatric trouble to their adoptive kid, they saw a medical help. The family physician, Dr. Andrew McLaren, told the couple that Natalie’s 2003 birth date was imprecise. The couple was thinking that if they changed Natalie’s birth date, she could receive better health services and they did try the same. Marion County Superior Court Judge Gerald S. Zore granted the appeal and changed the girl’s birth date to September 4, 1989.

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Michael and Kristine Barnett are now charged with the crime of neglect by abandoning a dependent. The Barnetts left her in Indiana by paying a year’s rent and signing up for the social welfare program. During the recent investigation, another age of the girl surfaced out. In 2010, the bone density test done to Natalie claimed that she was actually 8-year-old, only two years older than the age the couple thought while adopting.

Natalia’s 40-year-old biological mother, Anna Volodymyrivna Gava, claimed that her daughter wasn’t grown-up adults. She had a complex pathology, and her mother left her because the doctor told Anna that she would never be good and not to ruin her life. Anna Volodymyrivna Gava has apologized to her daughter and has a strong desire to meet and hug her. But the main victim here is the girl, who can’t even complete her high school due to the court’s mistake of granting the adult age.

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This resemblance, a 2009 movie Orphan, in which a 9-year-old girl, adopted by a couple, discovers that she is a grown-up adult who had murdered the previous family she was adopted to.

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