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Jim Carrey will reveal all his life secrets in his upcoming book Memoir and Misconceptionin set to release in May 2020.


Famous people often write books about their life, consisting of their hardships, experiences, or other significant moments that they faced or fought against, which made them famous and successful. These books often are hot cakes in the market. Maybe because people love to know about celebrities’ personal life, some of the readers also read them for motivation.

Either way, there is always a huge demand for these books about successful people.

Both Autobiographies and Memoirs are written, but memoirs are walls favored more by the readers. The reason is pretty simple; memoirs significantly concentrate on important issues or worth sharing phrases of the person.

Good news to Jim Carrey fans and Memoir genre book lovers..!!!!

Jim Carey is all set to release his writings in May 2021. Award-winning publishers Alfred A. Knop publishers have accounted for this new. “Memoirs and Misinformation” is the name of the book, and Jimmy shall share his authorship with the famous writer, former investment banker Dana Vachon.

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It is said that this memoir will mainly concentrate on real and important things that the man faced in his life. This includes his acting, Hollywood, agents, celebrity privilege, friendship, loneliness, romance, addiction to relevance, fear of personal erasure, growing up in Canada, etc.

It is clear that the book certainly has some interesting facts, and its readers will certainly love it. It is especially considering the fact that Jim Carrey is always a novel thinker and is an out of the box thinker.

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