Home Entertainment Matt Damon rejected James Cameron's Avatar offer for Bourne Ultimatum..!!!!

Matt Damon rejected James Cameron’s Avatar offer for Bourne Ultimatum..!!!!


Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments. People shall bound to act on their words and shall never breach them no matter what. However, this concept becomes really tough in cases when there are some sacrifices to make. Such people are really great and not commonly found.

Matt demon is one such actor. During a recent interview, Matt Demon has confessed about a golden opportunity he had received way back a decade ago but, sadly, did not avail the opportunity. He was talking about the all-time top grosser and blockbuster movie Avatar. Matt told that David Cameron had come to him for asking to cast in the film. The director also told that Matt, being a well-known celebrity, was offered a share in profits as remuneration (10%).

The film earned almost 2.7 billion dollars making it the second-highest profit-making movie ever. 10% of it makes almost 250 million dollars. The actor said that due to prior obligations, he could not make it and rejected the offer.

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He proudly stated that he had left more money on the table than any actor ever. Nonetheless, Bourne Ultimatum is the reason he rejected it. The reason was not such a bad move after all.

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