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Miraculous Girl born with 4 legs & 3 hands, Doctors stunned around the world


Women in India gave birth to a girl with four legs and three hands that stunned the medics involved. The baby girl was born along with her twin brother, but the brother seems absolutely healthy.

The parents had not done their ultrasound, and such an outcome was of complete surprise. The experts who dived themselves into the case proposed that the mother might be expecting triplets, but the two offspring were conjoined during birth.

The mother gave birth to this genetically confused infant in the hospital, run by the government in Tonk in the largest state of India, Rajasthan. The 24-year-old mother, Raju Gurjar, is the first-time mother. Among the infant, the boy is perfectly healthy while the girl is born with an extra pair of legs. The hands in her body are covering the whole chest and abdomen. The surgeon, Dr. Rohitesh Meena, who is involved in delivering babies at the government hospital, reported that at around 2.46 am, the mother gave birth to her offspring without any trouble, just in a natural way.

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Picture: Caters

Picture: Caters

The girl had some breathing issues after the birth, but when the medics put an oxygen mask to the baby, the vitals were then stable. Also, the mother who gave birth was healthy and stable. The doctor mentioned that an extra pair of legs could be removed with the help of surgery, and they reported that they had reached the better hospital in the state’s capital, Jaipur, for further treatments.

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The family and Raju’s husband Badhulal are distraught after hearing the outrageous birth. The parents were laborers and didn’t go for an ultrasound and required medical checks during the pregnancy.

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