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Post split up with Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner can’t wait to be a Mom again!!!


American Model and TV personality Kylie Jenner is quite popular a name in social media and especially Instagram. On Friday, the beauty mogul invited all her Insta Friends to ask her questions on her life and anything. After this question-answer session, the Model ended up revealing a lot about her life and motherhood.

Among the things fans learned from Kylie’s Q&A session is that the reality star can’t wait to have more kids, despite splitting from Stormi’s father, Travis Scott, last week. In a question asked by a fan that whether she wants to be a mother again, Jenner began overly excited about it and started sharing her utmost urge to have a sibling for Stormy. But later, she made it clear that she wants to be a mother sometime after and not just now. As their main focus at this time is Stormy and the friendship between her and Scott.

If Stormi eventually does get a little sister, her name could be Rose — when a fan asked what other names she considered for Stormi, Kylie said Rose is the name she would prefer. Kylie also revealed that her mindset about her body changed after giving birth. She said that once the body changes, it never goes back to be the absolute same, and it hasn’t till now for her. She has challenged herself to accept that change and is happy about it.

Talking about a post-pregnancy body, she clearly said that she has Sketch marks on her Breast, Butt, and Thighs, but she never wants to hide them; she feels it is a little gift from Stormy. Kylie continued with the parenting logic, saying that the best part of being pregnant for her was feeling Stormi “move and grow” inside her. And while her favorite food is sushi, she found herself madly craving Eggo waffles when she was pregnant with Stormi.

When a fan asked about her conversations with the little one, Jenner said she talks with her like an adult, but she rarely understands anything as she is too small to know things. But Mommy always takes care that stormy know the goods and bads of the world!!!

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