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“Rotten Tomatoes” Is Under Scrutiny For Allotting Negative Rating To “Joker” Despite The Movie Having Same Score As “Avengers: Endgame”!!



Rotten Tomatoes is among the two biggest names in the movie reviewing business of all the movies that are releasing nearly every day in different parts of the world. The other giant in the same industry is the IMDb. The two reviewing agencies are known to have a difference of opinion about many films, which has often split fans into two groups. Having said that, there are a significant number of viewers who follow the reviews given by Rotten tomatoes, and similarly, there are many who religiously follow the ratings that are given by IMDb to the movies.


As stated earlier, the two reviewing agencies have had a difference of opinion, but still, their verdicts have been appreciated. But this time around, it looks like the fans have had trust issues with reviewing website Rotten tomatoes. Recently, the movie ‘Joker’s was released. Starting from the trailer to the movie itself, the fans have loved every bit of the movie. Even other critics have described it as a masterpiece. But it looks like the critics working for Rotten Tomatoes have a different taste. But what has now landed the ace reviewing agency is the fact that they have negative Rating for Same Star Score That Marvel Films Got Positive Rating.

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Actually, Avengers Endgame, which was the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe production of the recent past, was given a 94% rating by the Rotten Tomatoes. When the percentage was converted into the rating out of 5, then it came out to be a 3/5 only. Now when Joker has released, the percentage allocated to the movie was a lower 82%, but the rating that was allotted to the movie was the same- a 3/5. This has led to a massive uproar, and the fans are now accusing Rotten Tomatoes of having a bias.

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