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School bus HIT & RUN OVER 12 year old & then DRAGGED his on the Road


A 12-year-old boy was hit and run over by his school bus after being dragged along the bus for some time in Taylortown, North Carolina.

Zion Baker, a 12-year-old boy of West Pine Middle School, was returning home from school by the school bus. When he reached his destination in Taylortown, he tried to get off the bus, but his backpack got stuck in the door of the bus. The bus driver took off the bus without noticing the boy who was still hanging at the door.

Baker told that he was dragged by the vehicle for some moment until he freed himself and dumped to the road. After being dragged on the road, his left arm got into the track of the bus, the bus ran over the arm and fractured the arm. The officials reached the scene and informed the parents.2 Children, 4 Adults shot by two gunman at a Chicago baby shower

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There were no other kids on the bus as his cross country practice had been called off due to the high heat in the area. WRAL-TV reported that the bus driver, Kim Crawford, didn’t have the knowledge of the boy being dragged. But the driver has been charged with reckless driving. The school further reported that the 43-year-old bus driver had been abandoned from driving the bus thereafter as the authorities are investigating the incident.

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