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“Selena Gomez” Revealed “Cole Sprouse” Was Her Childhood Crush. And The Reply From “Rivardale Star” Is Epic!!!


Selena Gomez has recently posted a video and picture on her Instagram, providing us with a little insight into the Young Selena’s love life. The video consists of a door that has a writing of young Selena, and what’s written is even more interesting, it reveals us about young childhood crush of the singer and it was none other than Cole Sprouse and some other mystery man named Juan. She also captioned the video saying, “Apparently, my heart was very conflicted between Juan and Cole Sprouse when I was 11. Selena and Cole have known each other for quite a while, with both of the stars working in a show on Disney channel and were often seen hanging out with each other a number of times in their early days as stars.

Cole Sprouse has always been a heart-throb celebrity, but he is not the one all about looks, the Riverdale actor has quite a humor. As Selena posted the video, the actor was quick to comment, “always Juan-upping me.” The video has more than 2 million views, and Cole’s comment attracted more than 38 thousand likes. Even Camila Cabello commented on the video with “Hahahahahahahahhaha,” which wasn’t as interesting as Cole’s witty comment. As the saga with Cole and Selena got over, many of her fans where quite eager to know about the other fellow named Juan. With a handful of followers asking about the whereabouts of Juan.

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They even took a step further, asking If Juan was indeed married or not? While Selena fans are loving the little interaction between Cole and Selena. It is still a mystery for them about who Selena dating. As Sprouse continues to be committed to his fellow star and girlfriend Lilli Reinhart and about Juan, it remains a mystery just like the man if he is at all going to show up.

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