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US Pastor “Jarrid Wilson” Kills Himself And Left Everyone Stunned!!!


The church community was left in shock after hearing about the death of their fellow Pastor. Jarrid Wilson died by suicide at the age of 30 on September 9, 2019. In the past, Wilson had spoken openly about his struggle with depression.

Who was Jarrid Wilson?

Jarrid worked for 18 months at the megachurch, Harvest Christian Fellowship church. He had previously pastored at Home Church Nashville in and at LifePoint Church in Tennessee. He worked with mental health advocacy and frequently wrote about suicide prevention. He and his wife, Juli, founded Anthem of Hope, a program for people with depression.

On his social media page, he wrote, “Admitting you struggle with mental health doesn’t make you a bad Christian.” He further added, “I’m a Christian who also struggles with depression. This exists, and it’s ok to admit it.” He was also working on a 24-hour crisis line for people in need.

Senior Pastor Greg Laurie shared his thoughts, saying, “At a time like this, there are just no words. The Bible says, ‘There is a time to mourn.’ This is certainly that time.” He continued saying, “Wilson’s death is a reminder that spiritual leaders also struggle. We are the ones who are supposed to have all the answers. But we do not.”

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Family of Jarrid Wilson

Jarrid left behind his loving wife, Juli. Founding Anthem of Hope was a passion project that both Jarrid and his wife Juli participated in. Jarrid and Juli have traveled the world for the Love of Jesus and equipping Christian leaders to reach the next-generation in a relevant and authentic way. The couple believes that the authenticity breeds community.

Since her husband’s demise Julie who is heartbroken, wrote the death had “completely ripped my heart out of my chest.” The couple also had two sons, Finch and Denham. Wilson clearly loved his children, and they mourn the loss of their father.

Wilson died a day before World Suicide Prevention Day. A fundraiser to support Wilson’s family has raised more than $42,000 as of Wednesday. RIP Jarrid Wilson.

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