Entertainment Confirmed- "Ariana Grande" Is Dating "Mikey Foster" And Here's...

Confirmed- “Ariana Grande” Is Dating “Mikey Foster” And Here’s The Proof!!!



Ariana Grande has been linked up with Mike Foster numerous times and in numerous ways in the recent past. Up till now, there were no confirmations about this report, and there were only rumors that were being circulated by entertainment magazines, journals, channels, and even the fans themselves. But in the end, maybe those rumors were not as false as they seemed to be at first glance. Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie Grande, revealed the confirmation that Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster are actually dating. The revelation came after Frankie Grande was

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asked direct questions about his outing with Ariana and Frankie recently.

The ‘Game Changers’ Premiere

The ‘Game Changers’ premiere was organized in Los Angeles recently. Frankie Grande was called at the premiere and had a media interaction there. It was during this short interview with the media that Frankie Grande spoke about the newly formed couple- Ariana and Mikey. A few days back, Frankie Grande went on a ‘double date’ with Mikey Foster and Ariana Grande. When asked about the date, he came out openly and spilled the beans regarding the news of Ariana and Mikey Foster seeing each other. He described his outing with Mikey and Ariana as fun and enjoyed everything they did together, be it playing games or chatting.

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Yes, the brother, Frankie Grande has apparently approved of sister Ariana Grande’s choice. During his interview during the premiere of the movie ‘The Game Changers’ that he loves the guy Mikey is. He said that Mikey is funt to be around and that apart from being a perfect amalgamation of talent and success, Mikey Foster is a very caring guy as well. Frankie Grande ended his interview by saying that overall, he finds Mikey Foster to be a great guy. Well, Frankie dropped a ton of hints there surely.

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