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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood gets a summon from the Indian Court under charges of domestic violence


The court has summoned ‘Teen Mom’ actress, Amber Portwood, to make an appearance before the justice on 31st of this month. Well, the actress is currently going under investigation for the charges of domestic violence and the use of deadly weapons with a criminal impulse. As per sources, the star is expected to be present in front of Indiana session court forth, facing denial on the return of her $2000 bond.

Amber’s arrest came in after she got into an ugly feud involving physical harm with her partner Andrew Glennon. There did come out reports suggesting that the actress was abusive in her words too while she got into the fight. Amber even went as far as to pull a machete at her partner when the argument heated up.

Glennon’s lawyers are using the audio recording from the fight to build a case on the reality star. In the video, there are voices of a woman claimed to be Amber rebuking a man supposed to be Glennon. In the audio, there are sounds of the women hitting the man in the face too.

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However, the worst part of all is that all of this occurred while Glennon had his 1-year-old son in his arms. At the beginning of the video, we do hear a man’s voice forth being hit on the face. Hereafter we hear a woman’s voice criticizing him verbally. A crystal clear voice of a woman confessing to being hitting people who won’t shut their mouth is heard in the recording. Forth the woman’s anger excites when the man replied he did keep mum.

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Also, later, we do hear the man requesting the woman not to yell as their baby’s there in the room. However, even to this, the woman seems to have a denial, continuing to shout at the top of her voice. To strengthen the case, prosecutors are getting hold of every evidential recording, video clips, pictures, and even messages.

Prosecutors even have in hand a total of two dozen pictures of Glennon’s injuries from the incident alongside a video clip. Glennon has requested in court for his child’s custody. In addition to this, he also did demand permission to shift to California. However, Amber desires to have their child stay in Indiana. And she also claims that Glennon has another woman in his life after her. Well, all of this has got no acceptance by Glennon as of now.

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However, we have to see what the court decides for the welfare of this family. So, to get the latest updates, stay tuned to Union Journalism.

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