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Cuba Gooding Jr faces new SEXUAL MISCONDUCT charges in GROPING CASE

2 months ago

Cuba Gooding is facing jail time. Meanwhile, one more allegation came up against the actor. While Everyone was moving on after the #METOOMOVEMENT, new celebrity names and accusations against them keep showing up. The 51-year-old star is facing his fair share of dealing with the movement; he is soon going to have to take a stand in the court after he was accused of groping women’s breasts in a Manhattan Bar in June this year.

Gooding has completely denied all these allegations, and he was already charged with third-degree misdemeanor sexual abuse and forcible touching from the Bar incident. The accuser of Mr. Cuba who is a 29-year-old woman described the event to the authorities that took place in Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Times Square and also shared with the authorities that the actor was heavily intoxicated then put his hands on her breast without her consent and squeezed them.

After this incident, the women went out and contacted the authorities. Gooding’s Lawyer, Mark Heller, however, downplayed all the accusations and said video from the bar where his client was accused of groping the woman “clearly shows that there was no groping or crime.” Clearly, the prosecutor was unprepared to proceed to “trial in this case.” The Trial related to this case was going to be underway this week, but District prosecutors instead put a wait on trial, as they told the court about the new changes coming up against Mr. Cuba Gooding Jr, this time another woman accusing him of sexual misconduct in another Manhattan bar in 2008. Assistant District Attorney Jenna Long explained to the court that charges in this indictment cover the existing incident as well as a new previously uncharged incident. During the 5 minutes hearing, the actor was said to be looking more nervous than confident, and the defense team seemed visibly upset as Lawyer Mark Heller said prosecutors had no case, to begin with, and the move to indict him is just dragging and proroguing the process.

He added that out of seven interviews that the district attorney’s office has conducted have given rise to their case. However, Heller recognizes he has no idea what this new incident is about. He also talked about his client, and “he is unhappy about this, but he is confident in the system,” and Gooding feels this will all be resolved.”

Kartike Shukla