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Old Will Smith takes on Young Will Smith with “POTATO CANNON” in Gemini Man

2 months ago

Will Smith is definitely one of the most loved Celebrities in Hollywood. The audience loves watching Will Smith, whether it’s his interviews or his movies; he has always been a great entertainer. This time the 51-year-old actor is currently promoting his new movie called “Gemini Man.” During the recent promo tour, Will decided to have some fun as his sci-fi movie portrays him fighting his own younger self, he is an assassin who is being chased by his own 23-year-old doppelgänger named Junior.

Coming back to the part where Will decided to have fun, he recently joined Youtube star Gavin Free of “The Slo Mo Guys” and shot a video that started with Smith practicing a few weapons on a Watermelon. The 15-minute video has many funtivities, including a flamethrower which was aimed first at young Smith and then later at Old Smith.

Will enthusiastically took aim at his own self and rained fire all over the mannequins. Adding dialogues to the scene, Will yelled at the mannequins, “Die, you dirty young me trying to kill the old me! Ahhhhhhhh,” yelling like a maniac, holding down the trigger as younger Will went up the flames. And then later a Potato Cannon was introduced which was being shot at a car, as a cut out of Will Smith was sitting in the Car. However, The Potato Cannon was not much of a success, as it barely managed to break through the car’s windows, but Will looked absolutely excited that he could use it.

Later Gavin Free took to Twitter and shared with his followers, “When I started slow mo guys in my mum’s back garden in England, I never would have imagined that one day I’d be in LA making a video with Will Smith.”

Kartike Shukla