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Man who RAPED & KILLED 5 year old released from jail coz he act INSANE

Man who RAPED & KILLED 5 year old released from jail coz he act INSANE

A cruel murderer who killed a five-year-old girl back in 2003 after molesting her and later dumping on the small river has been released after spending 15 years in the psych ward.

Tim Kosowicz had killed the little girl just because she spilled her pot. The sick murderer didn’t serve in the prison because he was termed as mentally ill by two medical professionals, and he was moved into a psych ward.

The crime happened 15 years ago in Lansvale, Sydney, that reportedly disturbed the whole nation. Little Chloe Hoson loved cats, and she knew Mr. Tim had cats and wanted to play with them. With a motive to have a good time with cats, she went to the caravan of Tim Kosowicz. He then maltreated and sexually abused her. He later killed the girl, ditched into the duffel, and took her to the nearby creek to dispose of her body.

Tim Kosowicz has been spending his 15 years at Morisset Hospital’s forensic psychiatry ward.

The Newcastle News reported shocking news, the nasty murderer was set free from the psychiatry ward last month, and the described mentally ill murder is in the society. The person who released him or the reason behind his release have not been emerged out yet.2 Children, 4 Adults shot by two gunman at a Chicago baby shower

Before walking out as a free man, the killer was allowed to visit his family regularly. Now, the man is in somewhere in the streets, but the local people will not know how terrifying he is. His location also has been confidential, and very few know. The authorities are regularly and constantly eyeing on the activities of Tim Kosowicz.

Tim Kosowicz confessed to the crime he committed. He claimed that he had to take such a step as he was mad at the girl because she knocked and destroyed the bowl of cannabis.

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