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Razer Viper Mouse: Best Clicker For “Game Lovers”. The Features Will Surprise You!!


Are you a non-stop gaming lunatic? Can’t digest a day without finishing the shot! And want 70 million clicks! Then here, your things come- ‘ The Razer Viper.’

Razer has launched a light weighted ghastly mouse- VIPER. It is a total monster and a fast gaming mouse! Viper adds so many features in the system over other top listed mouse in the gaming era. The professional gamer loves it too much. So let’s see what the elements it contains are.


  • The lightest Mouse                                                                                              Razer Viper weighs just 69 grams. It is the weight of two standard sized light bulbs. Idle gaming moments, it flicks like a pro! Compared to Logitech G502 Lightspeed, it’s almost weightless.
  • Both for Right and Left-handed people                                                                            The mouse frames into the hand very accurately. There are two micro buttons of its sides for both users- right and left-handed.
  •  Pocket-friendly prices                                                                                              It costs only $79. Even. it doesn’t come at the expense of advance hardware arts.
  • Optical switches                                                                                                            The viper uses optical switches. Whereas, other mouses use mechanical switches as its main left and right buttons.
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    Physical switches have to hit a metallic contact to send a signal to the PC.           Those signals are naturally slow. And sometimes, they breed more accidental failures due to their bob several times.

  But optical switches are more active. Those are more reliable and physical counterparts, according to Razer.

  • Speedflex cable                                                                                                                      Razer is using a new braided ‘Speedflex’ cable operating the mouse. The lightweight and smooth texture aids in preventing snags as it glides to the mousepad.




  • The Fabric cable

The fabric that wraps around the cable seems to be similar to the other braided wires. But, the Viper’s cable is far from bendy. It feels like actual fabric than other braided cords you have used so far.

  • Chora LED settings                                                                                                                     The color and lighting pattern can be customized in Razer’s Synapse companion app. So you can pick what you want for yourself, even the opposite of its default.
  • Five DPI levels that can be customized in Synapse.                                                             The defaults DPI levels- 400,800,1200,1800,2400,3200 can be customised up to 16000 DPI.
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     So just tuned to it fast!

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