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How Successful “Call Of Duty” Mobile Version Is In Surpassing “PUBG” Mobile???


If you ask a gamer, what is nostalgia? Then the most possible reply would be ‘Call of Duty’ and if you ask, what are the present games you are playing? The name of ‘PUBG’ will surely be one of them.

PUBG wasn’t so popular when it was a PC game of steam, but then they brought in a revolution in mobile games with the introduction of ‘PUBG Mobile.’ Pubg mobile-first introduced ‘battle royal’ mode, and it became so immensely popular that ‘PUBG’ became the android game of the year 2018.

Call of Duty, on the other hand, was the best first-person shooter PC game over the years. The story of the call of duty is multifold. After the immense success of COD-1, COD-2, and COD-3, it got separated into two parts, and two new series started, i.e., Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Black Ops. Call of Duty is now a family of 14. Starting from 2003 to 2018, Call of Duty has always been one of the bestsellers.

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After the success of PUBG, Call of Duty also came up with a mobile version compatible with Android and IOS. Naturally looking at their records, Call of Duty was expected to surpass PUBG. But has they? One of the interesting facts is that Tencent played an important role in the development of the mobile version of both the games, and Tencent Gaming Buddy came up with the emulator version next, first of PUBG mobile and then of Call of Duty mobile.

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With the release of PUBG lite, PUBG mobile emulator’s popularity is constantly going down, and to keep the craze up, Tencent Gaming Buddy came up with a COD emulator. Call of Duty mobile emulator failed to surpass gamers’ expectations from them, and PUBG mobile is still holding the first place.

In the case of the gameplay, the PUBG emulator is much smoother than the COD emulator, while in case of graphics both surpass each other in some of the other cases. COD has greater detailing of objects than PUBG, and the COD mobile emulator is less realistic as it has used some future concept firearms, vehicles, and technologies. In the case of the size of the map and the number of maps, PUBG surpasses COD by a clear margin.


So, we aren’t in a place of suggesting any one of them better than the other rather, what can be clearly said is that PUBG and Call of Duty mobile have acquired the same stature and will be a great example and motivation for next-generation android and IOS game developers.

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