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Boyfriend Tortured & Killed Daughter & Crazy Mother Just Watched, might Let go from prison Next Year


A mother in Australia who watched and did nothing while her boyfriend smacked her two-year-old daughter and then finally killed her could now be released from prison as early as 2020, who had actually been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The two-year-old Tanilla Warrick-Deaves was whipped and tortured to death by 30-year-old Warren James Ross near the Central Coast of New South Wales back in 2011. He did such hideous act just because the two-year-old wasn’t fully toilet-trained.

Donna Deaves, the biological mother of Tanilla Warrick, was at the scene where her contemptible boyfriend tortured her daughter. But, despite the situation was horrendous, the mother didn’t step up and stopped the suffering to her little one.

Boyfriend Tortured & Killed Daughter & Crazy Mother Just Watched, might Let go from prison Next Year

The boyfriend repeatedly whipped the girl and banged her head to the shower screen and even in the cupboard door. The tortures were so distressing that no one could imagine getting that. Due to continuous beating, the girl became unconscious. When the girl became that, the boyfriend left her in a pram. She was at pram lying unconscious without any help for two whole days until she lost her breath.

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The authorities got a hint of the incident and arrested both the mother and the monster boyfriend. Ross was found guilty of the crime and was sentenced to 40 years in prison while the mother was convicted only 12 years on the count of manslaughter.

The mother will walk out as a free body from prison only if her bid to parole will be successful.

On the other hand, Tanilla’s stepmother, Brooke Bowen, doesn’t want the authorities to release her and even had started a petition to keep her behind bars.

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