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Xiaomi Carbon Copies Apple Smart Watch, Apple To Launch Case?


Xiaomi Carbon Copies Apple Smart Watch

Earlier, we have seen instances that many of the Xiaomi products look like Apple items. The first smartwatch of Xiaomi, which will be launched this November, 5th, appears to be no exception!

From the teaser images and videos released from Xiaomi until now, it closely resembles the Apple smartwatch.

The watch is almost rectangular with it’s face alike to the Apple Watch, along with rounded corners. It also has the rotating ridged crown button used for scrolling similar to that of Apple Watch. Though there few dissimilarities compared to that, as the face of this Xiaomi watch is a bit thicker than Apple 5 and is a little less rounded. The straps aren’t that sleek, as well. Still, one can easily mistake it as the Apple smartphone five series.

The name for this upcoming model hasn’t been revealed yet though it’s guessed as the “Mi Watch,” something unusual for both the name and operating system.

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The model has highly attractive features. It’s featured with Wi-Fi, GPS,  NFC, and Bluetooth enabled system. It has the fantastic feature of eSim, which allows calls.  It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. It is used in the newer Wear OS devices.

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Like this design in this watch, Xiaomi has been copying Apple in other products as well.  The question arises, will Apple be launching any case against Xiaomi for carbon copying their content? Well, there’s no clear answer until now.

Meanwhile, the customers are too excited about the new launch for the Xiaomi smartwatch. Already, the brand has been reigning for the past few years in the ground of smartphones. It also launched smart led tv and gained grand success. Now it’s time for the launch of the smartwatch. Most likely, this is going to be ambitious too.

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