Why is Jason Momoa hiding Kit Harrington & Emilia Clake’s secret reunion photo. Is there a secret behind it?

To begin with, Game of Thrones is one the best TV series ever created. Of course, the final season was subjected to some mixed review, where the fans felt that a legendary series like GOT should not be ended in such manner. Maybe the last season could be the biggest drawback of the series. Even though people still consider it as one of the best things ever happened. The plots, twists, the intensity in the story, how emotions are shown, the goosebumps are the reason why it has reached such heights. An utterly unpredictable storyline was pictured magnificently, including a high budget and was provided with great music and epic war scenes.

Any Update about the show?

Well, how much ever we think of it, the fact is that the show is over. As there is nothing left to wait and get excited about the show, the fans get excited whenever there is a reunion of its cast. Recently, Daenerys Targaryen had a meeting with her lovers. One of them was her ex-husband Khal Drogo, and the other one was her latest lover John Snow (Aegon Targaryen). It was Emilia Clake’s 33rd birthday, and Jason Momoa and Kit Harington were there to celebrate the event.

What happened on her birthday?

Jason has recently appeared in The Ellen DeGeneres show. While talking about Emilia’s birthday bash, he said that Harington doesn’t like his photograph out there. “He doesn’t like social media as much as I do. Every time I see him, I get excited. I’m an excitable guy”.

He, later on, he said that three of them clicked a photo that day, and Kit had a feeling that their picture would end up online. According to Jason, Kit said, “Let me guess, this is going to be all over the internet.” For which, Jason replied,” I won’t post it, buddy, I promise I won’t post it.”

Jason anyways wanted that picture to posted. To avoid breaking his promise, he intelligently sent that image to Clake. He knew that she would post that.  And she had published it.

Well, the husband knows his wife more than anybody else. And John Snow had been tricked 🙁